The Midi Skirt

I’m a believer in the midi skirt! Who knew!

The midi skirt
Fun, yet super comfortable

I had always been of the mindset that teacup length, or midi length, dresses and skirts were nice for people who could pull them off, but not for me. There was also a part of my brain that thought they were frumpy and overly conservative.

Then I bought this skirt.

I had been perusing the J Crew Factory website when the cut and color struck me as something that was totally me. Luckily, there is a J Crew Factory store not too far from my apartment, so I went to go try it on in person to confirm that I was too short to wear something like that. To my surprise, I LOVED IT. Obviously. Not only did I love it, but J Crew Factory is notorious for having extreme sales, so I got it almost 70% off. Score!

Since the weather finally warmed up for a day this past weekend, I got a chance to take off the tags and see whether I felt ridiculous wearing it in public.

(Skirt, shoes, my bag is from Marshalls, but here is a similar one)

I did not feel like an idiot! I actually felt very put together with the most insanely minimal effort possible. The skirt is lightweight and didn’t ever feel like too much, even in the humidity. I thought I would feel ridiculous having a huge bow around my waist, but it really brought some fun into the outfit!

I paired the light blue with browns, whites, and golds, and carried a summer bag that was as equally light and airy as the skirt. Bobby told me I looked like I should be picking flowers in a field in the South of France, which I will take as a compliment.

In Short (Or should I say midi, ha ha), Here’s Why I Love the Midi Skirt

  • Feels fancier than it is.
  • Breezy! Airy! Twirly!
  • Feels grown-up without being frumpy.
  • I didn’t have to worry about accidentally flashing anyone. It withstood a day of walking around, dropping things, getting out of the car, and walking up flights of stairs. I think I now understand how Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle must feel with their long hems.
  • It worked for a casual day when I paired it with a t shirt and flat sandals, but I also was able to dress it up for the evening.

What I Would Pair it with

  • White T Shirt
  • Navy Blue T Shirt
  • Light Pink T Shirt
  • Chambray Button Down
  • White Button Down
  • Jean Jacket
  • Trench Coat
  • Gold Jewelry
  • Block Heeled Sandals
  • Brown Bag
  • White Bag
  • Yellow Accents
  • Navy Accents

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Has anyone else hopped aboard the midi train?



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